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The Municipal Public Services Enterprise

This enterprise was founded with the decision of the Council of the Municipality of Tetovo no. 08-5739/1 on 12.12.1989 and is organized as a public corporation for municipal services and with the decision no.1977/1989 is registered in the Economic District Court in Skopje on 29.12.1989, in compliance with the law for the public corporation and the register of the commercial register.

The municipality of Tetovo is the founder of this corporation and has all the rights and duties from the law and other dispositions.

The primary tasks of the Municipal Public Services Company ‘TETOVA’ are as follows:

  • Drawing, cleaning and distributing water,

  • Drawing, cleaning and supplying healthy, clean water,

  • Removing waste water and similar sanitary activities,

  • Drawing, monitoring and controlling the water,

  • Collecting, transporting and disposing the municipal waste,

  • Regulating, servicing and similar activities.

The main task of the Municipal Public Services Co. ‘Tetova’ is to realize the municipal services to the citizens, shops, legal entities and state institutions; disposing municipal waste; cleaning public spaces; winter maintenance; maintaining parks and greenery, placing symbols (flags, ornaments) for the feasts, maintaining the orthodox cemetery, managing and  maintaining the system of water supply and sewerage in Tetovo, managing the system of water supply for the villages Saraqine and Falishte, as well as installing new users in the current system of water supply and sewerage. 

The main aim of the Municipal Public Services Co. ‘Tetova’ is that with our municipal services be nearer the citizens and on the highest level, to have a cleanlier, a greener and pleasant city, with sufficient water.

But, in order to carry out the services on the highest level, we depend on the awareness of the citizens in maintaining public cleanliness. The waste should be thrown in the garbage, the water should be used rationally, and a very important element is the fulfilment of the citizens’ obligation towards the company, because the Municipal Public Services Co. ‘Tetova’ depends on the debt settlements, as it has no other financial source.

Phone: 044 331 167, Fax: 044 339 229
Water supply and Sewerage: Phone 332503
Municipal Hygiene: Phone: 044/338 993
Parks and Greenery: Phone 044/339 266
Orthodox Cemetery: Phone 0444/338 067

As well as the official page of "TETOVA" in facebook:

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