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 Festivals and cultural events

  • Shari këndon (Sharr sings) – folklore festival
  • Symbol days
  • 8th April – Internationa Roms’ Day – folklore festival
  • Burimet e Sharit (Sharr’s resources) – folklore festival
  • Multiethnic amateur theatre
  • Bletëzat (Bees) – children’s festival
  • Ditët e Naimit (Days of Naim) – International Poetry Festival
  • Mollëzat (Apples) – children’s festival
  • Teho- Choral music festival
  • Ylberi (Rainbow) – children’s festival .


Illyrian carnivals

This traditional feast with a 3000 years history, that dates from the antic Illyrian times was inherited to the new generation. The dwellers of Bozovce have kept it as a tradition.

Dressed up in fur and sheep leather, from the 13th of March till the 21st of March they believe that they will frighten the bad spirits, and thus they will stay away from their village.

This feast, in the same manner has been organized in other villages as well, as in Lisec, Veshalle, and Shipkovice, but today it is only organized in Bozovce.

The carnivals end with a traditional lunch of Bozovce.


National traditional games (Sellce)

The habitants of Sellce, have reintroduced the old tradition of the common games that were part of their lives in the past. This event  is organized by the nongovernmental organization for sport, art and culture “Fisi” and supported by the Municipality of Tetovo with the aid of the Sharr highland. It gathers many people in order to evoke the memories of the games and competitions that were part of the past.

The national traditional games in Sellce are an old tradition of these people that aim to keep the customs and to cultivate the sentiment for their highland tradition.

The organized games of this event are: the withdrawing of rope, the throwing of the ball and relay races. It is also enhanced with a rich cultural programme.

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