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The Gallery of Visual Arts – Tetovo

The gallery of visual arts in Tetovo is founded by the Ministry of Republic of Macedonia, with the decision no.19-5930/1 on 02.10.2007 for the establishment of National Institution – Art Gallery in Tetovo (Official newspaper of Republic of Macedonia no.84/03) founded as a nonprofit institution in the field of culture. In the Gallery of Arts in Tetovo currently there are 15 employees.

At present, three sectors function in the gallery: the administrative, artistic and didactic. The Gallery is financed by the budget of the Ministry of Culture and other donations.

The hamam lies in the left side of the river Shkumbin, in the central part of Tetovo. Near is the Painted Mosque, the Bey’s guest house and the bridge. All the buildings form together a complex, characteristic of the urban style of the town in the ottoman period.

The old hamam has resisted in centuries as a proof for the way of life in the given period, especially because of the functionality, architecture, resource materials and the construction technique. Constructed towards the end of the 15th century, the Hamam actively takes place in the culture and the vision of Tetovo. It is supposed that Mehmet Celebi, the son of Isac bey built it. With its architectural, typological, and stylistical characteristics, the Hamam gains a special value that is manifested in a clear spatial organization.

The hamam in its base is right-angled, built with massive walls from coarsely processed stones and bricks. As for the attic construction vaults are used – and cubes of different dimensions, which is what the fifth façade is formed with, that gives the building a special attractiveness. The cupolas are covered with Turkish tiles.

Despite the interventions during different time periods, the building has kept it authentic form. With the last intervention realized by the National Centre for Conservation, aided by the programme of “Ambassador’s fund” of the American Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia in 2005/07, this building is adapted into a Gallery of Arts, with what the Hamam gained a contemporary treatment, which made the Hamam more alive, and a centre of cultural events.


Address: Gallery of Arts, Ilindenska, Tetovo, nn
Phone: +389(0) 44 340-811 /353-650
Fax: +389(0) 44 353-650

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