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South East European University (SEEU)

South East European University (SEEU),  was  founded in October 2001, supported by the Governments of the European Union and USA.  SEEU has the legal status of a nonprofit private university with faculties, centres and institutions as an integral part of it, specialized for the socio-economic sciences, a unique one in Macedonia.

SEEU continues to be consistent in its mission to contribute in the higher education,  being  flexible  in the use of languages;  giving opportunity to the youth of the country and of the region enough space to study their native language, and at the same time giving a greater importance to the studying of English Language.

SEEU has now more than 7000 students enrolled in the first and second cycle of studies, with 20 programmes in the first cycle and 25 programmes in the second cycle, in five faculties: Business Administration, Contemporary Sciences and Technology, Law, Public Administration and Political Sciences and Languages, Cultures and Communications.

Starting from the winter semester of 2013, this university offers doctoral studies. The specifics of these studies lies in the new approach based on the standards and guidelines of the Bologna process, and the standards of the Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society, Salzburg. SEEU offers the Joint Degree building partnership with well-known doctoral schools from Western Europe and USA. This enables the mobility of students, professors, curriculums, experiences, the transfer of knowledge as well as better practices.

All this is attained with success within the modern university campus, which has a surface area of 30.000 square metres, which means that is in accord with the highest international standards.
In compliance with the latest trends in the higher education system in Republic of Macedonia and the region, South East European University acts according to the principals underlying the Bologna Process, offering:

  • Qualitative Programmes in the undergraduate (first cycle), postgraduate (second cycle-Master) and doctoral (third cycle) studies.
  • Teaching with contemporary methods, such as: interactive teaching, group work, e-learning, etc.
  • A large number of eminent professors from Macedonia and abroad, as well as experience opportunities through integrated programmes with internship.
  • Assisting students in passing from academic life to professional employment in the Career Centre.
  • Experience in the use of Advanced Technology for Learning through e-service, e-grading, etc.
  • Well-organized accommodations within the campus.
  • Support for students with disabilities, etc.

South East European University was ranked second in national level out of 19 universities that Macedonia has. This ranking was conducted by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. From its beginning, SEEU has attained itself as leader university, financially sustainable and now presents a role model of multi-ethnic and multilingual higher education institution in South-East Europe.

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Tetovo Municipality
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1200 Tetovo
Republic of North Macedonia

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