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The Hamam of Tetovo

The Hamam of Tetovo, founded in the 16th century is located in the left side of the river Shkumbin in front of the Painted Mosque. The Hamam of Tetovo, as a classical Islamic oriental building with Albanian elements was constructed in a very suitable place, in the crossroad that links the city with other communities. For the construction of the walls and domes, are used stone roofs and lime stones. As for the linking material the lime mortar is used.

The hamam has a full functional scheme, of the type ‘double hamams’ known as ‘çifte hamam’. The architectural-functional aspect has a full functional scheme because it possesses all the required areas for this kind of public-societal constructions. The communication with the outside is done through the gate which is in the east part of the building.

The openings of windows are only in the changing areas. It is covered with four domes, two big and two small ones. In the first dome, which is a heptagon one, in every second angle, there is a small opening in which the light enters in the inside. The domes do not have the same size; they are different, which gives the building a sort of dynamism and helps in the breaking of the building’s monotony. The light and shade contrast gives the building a monumental and esthetic look. Seen in general, this building has three areas: the area for preparing for bath time, the main area, and the area of water depot.

There are some stone decorations, in a small and very limited range. Except for the interrupted arches which are realized in the most beautiful manner, special treatments have the apexes of the domes. The architectural features, the harmonious extent, the clarity of the lines make the Hamam of Tetovo to take a honoured position in the public monumental constructions, not only in Tetovo, but beyond as well.

Nowadays, its areas are used by The Gallery of Visual Arts.

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