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Halim Derralla’s Mansion

The Halim Derralla’s Mansion is a representative building that fascinates with its exterior. The traditional synthesis in its construction style with europian elements that entered as a western trend in the middle of the XIX century make this building a unique artistic realisation. This building was constructed in the beginning of the XIX century.

The Halim Bey’s Mansion is an asymmetrical building, with a ground floor and two other floors. The ground floor consists of many areas linked through a long corridor. Many of the areas can be entered directly from the yard. In the past this areas were used as food depots or areas for the servants. The representative part has a typical baroque entrance with spiral stairs. 

In the front, there is a reception room with a huge balcony on one side, and a high six sided area on the other side. On the back, there are three areas as living rooms. The decoration of the facade surrounding the windows is a typical style of baroque, adorned with flowers and leaves.

The Halim Bey’s Mansion has changed its function in different periods of time, from a residential building to a building for municipal administration, then to a building for the sectors of jurisprudence, and next as an administrative centre for the hospital.

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